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Corporations are shaping American futures

Think about where all your stuff comes from and where you spend all your time. 

Who do you want to be?

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Lets be Trill: Steve Aoki’s Raves

I’m worried about the state of raves for girls nowdays. It’s not safe!!

It’s a given this kind of music is violent.. I’m not asking to change that. I get that Waka Flocka Flame starts Mosh Pits. But all I’m asking for is a little consideration when it comes to the Girl ravers-who are just as big a fans as boys- who work hard/save up to come decked out in their favorite clothes (or lack thereof obviously. thats the POINT of a rave), only to be beaten up in the pit by all the BOYS throwing elbows. We can’t help that we’re chest height to most guys and that all ravers are juicehead frat bros who work out a lot. We cant help that we’re small..er. But that doesn’t mean we should stop going to raves, it means we need to make them safer. Stop Moshing At Raves. Dance in UNITY. Respeckthebooty! 

And Steve Aoki….throwing SHEETS of CAKE at half naked CHILDREN isn’t NICE. Bitches love cake, NOT being cakeD. And sending them half naked down rafts over oceans of people is really scary!!! Where do they end up at the end of a rave? You can’t believe they ALL can fit phones in their outfits with no pockets!! 

You should see all the battle wounds girls get from these events. Internal bleeding happens. To girls. At raves. Ask them to post pictures of their bruises, they’ll show you proudly and not even give a fuck! 

Respeckthebooty. Please. Save us. 

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OVER sexism in culture. You put moans in place of sound effects, call it music, and then take pictures of girls DANCING to your music and post them all over the internet on freaky creeper sites? 

We’re just trynna DANCE man RESPECKTHEBOOTY


MUSIC: Diplo & Mad Decent – A Very Decent Christmas (Full Album Stream)
MERRY XMAS! Because nothing says “Happy Holidays” like the unmistakable wah-wah-wuhwuhwuhwuhwub-wub of a Mad Decent beat, Diplo and friends have a Christmas compilation for you. Stream after the jump: 

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Lets be Trill: I’m down for Diplo, but do we really need this as the album cover? How about a little respect for women? You already use women’s sex noises in your music, it should be about CELEBRATING women, and CELEBRATING the bitch on your dick. Not EXPLOITING her. #Respeckthebooty
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"I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares." - Saul Bass (via callumjbaker)


jenny holzer

This is literally a headscarf for dudes. 

We’re not just sheeps, we really can do things. 

Young adults are even more clueless